Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Note to myself

i just love this sentence which i read from somewhere "if u can't afford to lose ur expensive rolex, u shouldn't be wearing it in the first place". it is so true.

The lesson i learnt :

1. We must face the fact dat everythings in this world are belong to our creator and in a blink of eye He can take it from us so prepare ourselves on losing something that in the first place not belong to us pon.

2. If we are wearing ROLEX it doesn't mean that we are better than a person who are wearing pasar malam brand

3. Do not pamper ourselves with things that we cannot live without. contoh dgn memanjakan kaki memakai kasut mahal then smpi dah tak boleh pakai kasut pasar malam. before this bole je pakai kan? :)

4. All the expensive things sometimes cannot make ur happy, yes we cannot deny , its such a great feeling when you buy or wear something expensive  but the happiness tak long lasting pon kan. so try to find way to make ourselves happy without splurge on something expensive :) there are so many ways actually.

All in all, make ur self ready on whatever may takes in the future because life is full of suprises.. SUPRISE

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