Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Note to myself

i just love this sentence which i read from somewhere "if u can't afford to lose ur expensive rolex, u shouldn't be wearing it in the first place". it is so true.

The lesson i learnt :

1. We must face the fact dat everythings in this world are belong to our creator and in a blink of eye He can take it from us so prepare ourselves on losing something that in the first place not belong to us pon.

2. If we are wearing ROLEX it doesn't mean that we are better than a person who are wearing pasar malam brand

3. Do not pamper ourselves with things that we cannot live without. contoh dgn memanjakan kaki memakai kasut mahal then smpi dah tak boleh pakai kasut pasar malam. before this bole je pakai kan? :)

4. All the expensive things sometimes cannot make ur happy, yes we cannot deny , its such a great feeling when you buy or wear something expensive  but the happiness tak long lasting pon kan. so try to find way to make ourselves happy without splurge on something expensive :) there are so many ways actually.

All in all, make ur self ready on whatever may takes in the future because life is full of suprises.. SUPRISE

Friday, 15 June 2012

Please hold my shoes.

Actually dah lama nk carik rak kasut yg very efficient in term of space and number of shoes yg bole di hold. haaaa skang dah tak payah penin , sebab saya dah jmpe and worth every penny lah sebab dari segi nk letak kat rumah pon its very slim and boleh hold up to 30 pairs of shoe at a time. But maybe some people not consider to buy  this at all sebab the rack is an open rack kind of version. Here is the rack looks  like

credit to groupon
Here is the promotion from groupon

shuzs in the office, ni baru kat office kat umah lagi kat keta lagi ohhh *pitam*  perempuan is always owned more than a pair of shoes.
So after this semua kasut dah ada parking yg saya bajet awesome . awesome la sgt  ;) .

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

para para sakura?

baby, mama & papa @ paragliding bla bla bla event. papa loves everything about this kind of thing, sky diving la, paragliding la, but scuba diving will be the last thing about diving yg dia akan involve. hahahaha

Friday, 4 May 2012

hopefully it gonna be a good try

ramai org ckp beauty product from korea super bagus. saya mmg admit sbb i loike skin food product. For face shop brand i just used cleansing wipes je. tu pon masa cleasing wipes dia discontinue saya hentam brand carrefour jek. Since beli 3 just 15 henget, why not give a try mask from face shop plak

new apple

i got  replacement for my iphone due to ringer problem, hardware failure katenye, thanks maxis.
saya suka apple, tak kisah la apa org nk kata, saya tetap suka apple
an apple a day keeps the doctor away

maxis terms and conditions if ada faulty kat iphone :-

1. If under warranty and takde sign air masuk , they will replace ur phone dgn yang baru with no charge , yipppiieeeeee!
2. If under warranty and ada sign air masuk , you will be charged rm 1800
3. If no warranty and takde sign air masuk you will be charge only rm 600
4. If no warranty and ada sign air masuk , still u have to pay rm 1800

so water please go go go away from my phone. :)
FYI there are water indicator inside the iphone, kalau dia suluh dekat charger and earphone hole connector then water indicator show color putih meaning selamat from water kalau merah almaknanya membayar la rm 1800.

note to self, thinking of having an ipad 3 for my baby Ali.